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Our creative team will crack into your target market and create original content that engages people with your brand. We understand that it’s important to create an emotional connection with your audience.

A promotional video is the perfect way to capture your target audience and we offer the most cost effective solution, whether it’s a simple explanation video or a more complex creative presentation we make the optimal video for your brand or company.

Our aim is to present your product in a way that will engage your audience. Our teams experience in the creative industries gives us a key insight into current trends and how to tap into various demographics and markets. We know how to turn an original idea into an outstanding video.

‘The Siempre Collection’ campaign video was shot over two days for up and coming designer Abbie Norman. This campaign video will be used to promote her lingerie collection across social media alongside shorter edits for promotion on platforms such as instagram.

OneBC’s catwalk show and event at Nottingham Fashion Week. This video was promoted on the companies Facebook page, gaining multiple views with shares and likes across social media, helping to establish their brand and gain momentum in the Midlands fashion scene,

This video was used in a campaign across social media to promote Luke Foster’s headline show at the Bodega, Nottingham. The video was targeted at students and fans of artists similar to Luke living in Nottingham, resulting in a sell-out show and his highest attendance yet.

CASE STUDY: Unison East Midlands Local Election Campaign Videos

We filmed a series of campaign videos for Unison East Midlands for their local election campaign. We shot videos in a documenatry style to engage and resonate with the local audience. The videos proved successful inviting people to debate about the importance of local services and encouraged attendance.

The first campaign video we shot for UNISON East Midlands encouraging participation in local authority elections. This video featured Lisa Clarke, a nurse from Nottingham.

The second campaign video we shot for UNISON East Midlands encouraging participation in local authority elections. This video a featured a young UNISON East Midlands member and a spoken word artist Jess Mcguire.

The third campaign video we shot for UNISON East Midlands encouraging participation in local authority elections. This video featured Garreth, who works as a plumber for local housing association.

“Mark & Fatosh did an amazing job of my campaign video, they came to set with lots of great ideas, and really guided me through the whole experience. They were flexible, professional, and really willing to go above and beyond to get the best possible end result.”

Abbie Norman – The Siempre Collection

1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

A short example commercial featuring a 1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Directed by Mark Garrity
DoP: Fatosh Olgacher
Drone Op: Tom Wilds
Produced by Otto Video

Actor: Philip Robinson
Music: Tried and Tested by Vincent Vain
Shot on location at Water Newton, Peterborough

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