Capture the atmosphere of your event with film, we give your shoot a cinematic edge and promote your event across multiple mediums.


We understand the amount of work that goes into creating an event, we provide a service that reflects that and is personalised for you.



Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the video that they want by the time that they want. We provide efficient and effective production.

Promote your event with expert videography.

DJ EZ filmed live at Halo Nightclub, Bournemouth for the Pure Rally end of year party.

Filmed on the first move in date for brand new Nottingham Student Accomodation “Nova.” This video was shared on the Fusion Students Facebook page and used to promote their luxury student accomodation throughout the UK and International markets.

OneBC’s catwalk show and event at Nottingham Fashion Week. This video was promoted on the companies Facebook page, gaining 2000 views with shares and likes across social media, helping to establish their brand and gain momentum in the Midlands fashion scene,

How can a business capture and use an events atmosphere to promote their brand outreach and company ethos?

Video Marketing & Production

Our creative team can crack into your target market and create original content that engages people with your brand. We understand that it’s important to create an emotional connection with your audience.

A promotional video is the perfect way to capture your target audience and we offer the most cost effective solution, whether it’s a simple explanation video or a more complex creative presentation we make the optimal video for your brand or company.

Our aim is to present your product in a way that will engage your audience. Our teams experience in the creative industries gives us a key insight into current trends and how to tap into various demographics and markets. We know how to turn an original idea into an outstanding video.

We love hearing your ideas!

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